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Our Journey

Together, we are walking through landscapes across Israel-Palestine from January to March 2019, practicing human/story-centric education by appreciating and listening to the stories, people, experiences, cultures, dreams, histories, rights, traumas, politics, economies, etc. that make up Israel and occupied Palestine. Follow along with Robbie’s blog on Instagram @storiesinmovement or Hyosun’s blog (in Korean).

Our journey weaves across Israel-Palestine: listening deeply to the stories of people on the ground, working with Open Master’s tools to process, learning from nonviolent resistance, and growing our capacity for understanding whilst walking in the rolling hills.

Each day,

  • We walk for around 4 hours,
  • We practice self-directed studies for 2 hours, and
  • We spend 2 hours learning about the people and place we are walking through, or engaging in community collaboration

We are rooted in six principles, briefly outlined here:

  • Movement
  • Listening
  • Studies
  • Groundedness & gratitude
  • Stories of humanity and respect
  • Sustainability

More about our principles can be found on the Our Principles page.

We designed our route as a series of ‘breaths’, where we hold shorter journeys from one point to another, bookended by deeper reflections and processing. Each breath has unique intention, opportunity, rhythm people, and nature within. Our breaths are:

  • Jerusalem: Reconnecting with each other
  • Rosh HaNikra to Haifa: Grounding through Israeli coastal rhythms
  • Haifa to Nazareth: Diversity in community, religion, work and city
  • Jenin to Jericho: Learning about life, and culture, under occupation
  • Wadi Qelt to Sarura: Understanding nonviolent resistance & human rights in Area C
  • Jerusalem: Bringing the city to life through movement & collaboration
  • Be’er Sheva to Neot Semadar: Processing, crystallizing and sharing

More about our route can be found on the Our Route page.

Please reach out with your interest in

  • Hosting a workshop together
  • Meeting us along the way
  • Advising our journey
  • Supporting our needs and intentions

We look forward to hearing from you at or fill out our form on the Connect With Us page.

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